Sunday, 15 December 2013

Watering Down the Things That Are So Pivotal to Who We Are

   The word relationship finally makes sense. Relation-ship. Relation Ship; therefore, a friendship, a loveship? A parentship. A siblingship. 
    It's the question of what ship are you relationed/related to? Makes sense now huh? See, that's why our first mistake was calling the most significant of these ships by the name and virtue of the general ship. We forgot what the relation was and that had to stand as something besides a relation. Allyship? Partnership? Soulmateship? But we reduced it to………. relationship
   That's the funny thing about us; this superior species we call the human being. We have a way of watering down the things that are so pivotal to who we are. The things that lie core to our existence. We water them down and live in a haze, unknowing, and in a treacherous search for enlightenment. We live in and out of this obscurity only bringing more ache to ourselves than happiness, because we believe we know the entirety of what knowledge is, when in fact, we only know the most minute fraction of it. 
   The love we have for someone cannot be reduced to a simple relation. Heck, even friendship got it right. Even that word sticks to it's virtue of where this ship harbors in it's bay. Yet, we can so easily refer to the most intense love, the most intimate, the most robust and the most impassioned of these ships as a relationship. 
   We're losing touch with love and romance, and by me I won't have it. Call me naive, gullible or any other synonym you'd use to describe anything that isn't hard-well stuck on the idea of whatsoever nonsense has substituted romance; but I am a believer in true love. I am a believer in the quest to find your soulmate. I am a believer in an all encompassing love with one person that suddenly puts your entire world into perspective and makes it whole.
   Don't get me wrong. This is not to say that we should all be on an hour-to-hour lookout for the one that is our supposed soulmate, or that we should spend 20 years neutered. My point is simply that we need to believe in romance and bring passion back into what it means to love. We need to redefine the conventional relationship and uplift it with aromas of sugar, spice and everything nice so that it can be elevated to the stratum it deserves. 
   ...because when I love, I am going to love passionately, deeply and with everything that I am. No holds barred, no stone unturned. Because when I love, it'll be with the one that my soul has been longing for, has been calling for, and has so patiently been waiting for. When I love, it will be pure and passionate, emotional and encompassing. When I love, I will not be afraid, because I will be inlove with a fraction of my whole, and my whole deserve all of that. When I love it won't be a relationship. When I love, it'll be a soulmateship. A love-of-my-life-ship. A wholeship.

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