Sunday, 1 December 2013

...and here's to December.

...and here we are folks, calmly entering the final and most exciting month of the year.

There has always been something about December. Between the realization that you've made it halfway through an academic year, and knowing that all at once you get to start over (metaphorically), there is a thrill that comes with this month.

For me, December has always been a month of heartache and reflection, and a time that allowed me to grant myself a clean slate. A brand new page on which I could accidentally spill the ink of this grand, unerasable pen I call my life....and as I sit here, smiling at my excitement of what is to come, I begin to reminisce on the year that was. I think about the progress I have made personally from exactly a year ago and I shed a tear of happiness for the memories that will forever be encapsulated in this year that has so quickly glided past me. Day in and day out I beg for the beginning of the end, for December, and as the time sluggishly passes by, I know that I will eventually be granted with it... and here it is, in all its glory.

So here's to December; my most treasured time of year. Here's to all the tears I'm going to cry as I reminisce, and here's to all the memories this time of year will conjure. Here's to the strides I've made and the lessons I will deduce from all my mistakes. Here's to a new type of December, deserving of a new type of me.

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