Saturday, 4 May 2013


Yes sir,
I will kneel on my scarred knees
To tie knots on these shoe laces of yours.
The ones that do not match your tie,
but work wonders for your eyes.
Let them meet mine while I tie,
These shoe laces on my knees.

Yes sir,
Let me scrub the floor with bristled brushes on my knees,
To add shine to this marble floor of yours.
This floor that so coldly caresses my back side when you're on top of me,
but leaves scars on my baby bottom.
Let it leave scars on me,
This marble floor I scrub on my knees.

Yes sir,
Let me take care of you on my knees.
Unzip that fancy zipper that keeps your manhood away from me,
The one I sewed onto your new tailored pants.
Let me unzip the zipper sir,
On my knees as I belong.

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