Thursday, 24 January 2013


Adonis is
This ache that echoes through the entirety of my being
This shadow of yesterday’s debris
An incessant dark cloud that hovers above my mortal self

Adonis tells;
Tells me to be selfless,
Selfless and selfish to my sentiment
Demands that I be selfish

Adonis, why do you hit my with your stare?
Pound me on my tender bosom with your masculinity.
Why do you allow my guts to churn for you?
What divinity has sanctified you with this aptitude?

A peacock in species,
A supreme man.
Lay me down before I falter to your desires.
Catch me with your suave manliness

Like a shadow lurking unseen in the dark,
He withdraws.
Withdrawn as I yearn for him
But when the light strikes his silhouette,
As the hens begin to coo in their cages,
He mounts the mare.

Adonis, a prosaic romantic,
Dare he ask me to be selfless,
Selfless with my being.
Adonis, how can I?
Adonis, how can I,

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