Monday, 14 January 2013

A lethal dose of Oxygen

I drank you down like a vitamin,
Like you were good for me.
Calcium, Sodium, Oxygen.
A supplement.
You were a vitamin,
Vital to my survival.
Took down the pill,
With vodka on the rocks
Straight death.
Lack of vitamins,
Suicidal cat on its 8th life.
Do you know you're killing me?
It feels like drowning in fresh oxygen
Slowly dying.
Breathe in, breathe out,
Living death.

Your hands are around my neck.
Your brown eyes and pinks lips,
They smile at me.
Smiling in pristine glory.
Leisurely, I drink you like a vitamin,
Breathe you in like oxygen.
Breathing in death.
Don't let me go,
At least you're touching me.
Keep touching me.
The fervour radiating through your hands,
A sensual death.
Keep touching me.
Clasp me in the entirety of your love,
Or hate.
Let me keep breathing you.
Oh, my lethal dose of Oxygen.

Taking in my vitamins,
A kind of suicidal happiness.
Keep touching me,
Hands around my neck.
Kill me with your life,
Lethal dose of oxygen. 

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