Friday, 3 June 2011

week without.. -

This week without facebook has probably been the most grueling and boring week of my life since the day I signed up to the social network, however, it's also been the most eye opening.
People have a tendency of being fake, and pretentious over facebook even though I cannot fathom why, but the minute you step out of the box of social network interaction you learn alot:
- alot of the people you'd talk to on a daily basis via facebook will never text you when you're off it.
- friends who sent you the most "we're such bff's" wallposts forget about the "bff" times.
and most importantly:
- many of the people you thought were your friends fade into the backround and become invisible.

On another note:
My week of isolation has helped me decide on alot of things.
It has made me realize the importance of family and I've had alot more time to dedicate and spend with them.
It has taught me that friends come and go like the wind, and it's just something you need to deal with.
It has taught me that you are you're own fun and no one else can define it for you.
Most importantly, it's taught me that life's what YOU make it. No one else, but you..

It's made it alot easier to decide on who of my "acquaintances" to disregard as they disregard me, and it's made me realize what I need and don't need in my life at the moment and I've removed these pests (hate to be harsh) effectively. It's like the say, "destroy them before they multiply and go against you" ...
End the war before you start it right?

The next week will be all about retail therapy, late night coffee's, and smiles for the paparazzi. :)

In conclusion:
We all have our troubles in life, and there's no way they won't bother you, but keep your head up, and you're foot down and tell life that you're in charge of the show that is your life.. :)

xx PS

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