Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Sometimes, I stare in the mirror,
and the reflection I see, isn't who I am,
or who I want to be.
The girl in the mirror has no smile on her face.
Her eyes are filled with sadness
Her lips speak of pain,
and her fists reflect madness...
I don't know how life should be,
I don't know what I want it to be,
I don't have any visions,
and I don't know what suits me.
I don't feel any love,
yet I yearn for it intensely,
I stare into the world,
hoping somehow it'd defend me.
Defend me from the voices,
the writing on the wall,
Take my hand, and ease my mind,
help me not worry at all.
...but that's not how life goes,
and it's silly for me to wish
that the blow of the wind
could end my pain.
my sorrow.
my lonliness.
I only pray for one thing,
and the one thing I ask,
is to be forever happy,
and find a love that'll last.

Written: Arlana Panduleni Shikongo 

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