Saturday, 21 May 2011

Let the good times roll

You know how sometimes you find yourself amongst an unusual crowd you never thought you'd see yourself out with? Tonight was that night for me, but, surprisingly, I couldn't have asked to spend this saturday in any other way. XD

While we were on the way to a chill out lounge from a party we'd just left, a friend of mine randomly yelled out, "WHERE'S THE CAT?" - I know it sounds far from funny right now, and more silly than anything, some things are just tooooooo epic to explain. 

From the "Ammnt i hot" to the slurred "eh, iem going, tee jiirk nouw"(israeli friend with her UNIQUE accent) and  the panick of a dog attack, to the nandoes cravings, and the "bouncing" - I must conclude, that I had a "bouncing night" (Yesss Mevels, I used your line) 

Thank you my little 14 year old kitty cats, 
#Sharon Alexander #Talia Pinhasov and the two other freakish kids I spent my night with. 

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