Sunday, 22 May 2011

Sometimes, you think and feel like you know someone so well, and within the next minute all you knew is gone.
Yes, with each person there is unknown ground, even to the person themselves -
But, it hurts when the paths you've walked and discovered have changed course and everything you thought you knew means nothing at all 'cause it no longer exists.

As time is the only undoubted, absolute truth, we know change is inevitable. Change happens at every minute.....second - yet, losing something you thought you knew, you thought you had, hurts....even though we know change comes with all things. 

A friend lost is meant to mean a real one will be gained? I feel not. I feel like once you've lost a friend, you've lost time, memories. Life - Once you lose a friend, time will take your place and you'll lose everything you knew. 

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