Monday, 30 April 2012

The end of NaPo

The end of the 30 days is here.
My 30 days of committed poetry writing...

When I started this, I thought I'd go through it.. Easily. Writing poems day by day.
See, I've always loved poetry. Writing poems is an escape from the ugliness and insensitivity of the world... and boy, was this not the right month in which to write poems daily?
A lot has happened this past month: from fall outs with supposed friends, rekindling of relationships, growth in other friendships and eye openers about life. This month, along with the poetry, has been a huge eye opener..
We are selfish beings, living in a selfish world, consumed in our own selfishness...

I've been using my poetry as an escape from this world, but I've come to realise that maybe being consumed in my writing, was me running away from the world's troubles,, ie. Me being selfish. Me only considering myself and how I feel and what I thing.... Me being a selfish little whore. *(okay, no need to be harsh on yourself Arlana)... - Back to my point: maybe it's time I took a break from writing; maybe it's time I lock up the computer and hide my journal, step out of my room and express myself in the real world; express myself without creating metaphors and similes expecting people to deconstruct them and make sense of them to my degree... - Maybe it's time I looked away from my problems for a second and realise that everyone has something going on. That girl hooking up with with the handful of "swagged" out guys is having a hard time emotionally. She's alone and broken, and searching for companionship. The girl that's getting drunk every weekend has problems at home, in school and socially that she wants to forget. It's better than throwing back a handful of pills and driving herself into a 12 hour comatose state of sleep. See, we all have something going on, but as human being, we tend to just look on the surface and take things for what they appear to be before we even try to understand what's happening beneath all that. This is what humanity has come.... this is what the human race has been brought down to... And I hate it.

I know that we're all going through something and it takes too much time to stop and help someone else carry their baggage. But, having someone help you makes your baggage lighter, you'll reach your destination faster and if the process is repeated the final product can be reached faster. So, instead of perching ourselves behind poems, behind the internet and behind journals, maybe it's time we stepped out and faced what's really going on and try to deal with it.

I'm  glad for the month that was, but I'm striving for change in the month that is. You should too.

It's all light love and finer things. :D
xx Arlana PS

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