Friday, 23 December 2011

Sometimes we sit around and wait for something that isn't there. -
Does it ever happen that something just appears? No. We need to make something appear when we need it to.
We need to make the moment beautiful when we want it to be.
We need to make sure the light highlights the golden strands in her hair, and her frame is perfectly in the middle of the on coming wave before we snap the moment.......we have to make the moment.
Life is a moment. A long, outstretched moment, made of smaller moments,that are made of smaller moments.
We take a smaller moment to build it up to a bigger one, to build it up to a bigger picture.
As this year comes to a close, I've realized that life gave me moments, 31 536 000 seconds worth of moments, and I've made use of less than half of them.. I wasted a whole set of moments on unnecessary unhappiness, worrying about what people thought and said, and pleasing people. I wasted moments on people that didn't care much about me.. - I wasted a year of moments, my life, god given moments.
...Next year will be different. I'm determined to find happiness in every moment given to me. The few moments I share with siblings, my niece, my parents...and naturally, my friends. Moments in which I can see someone I love smile, and snap it, maybe. Moments where I see people I love cry, and snap it because it is a result of a happy moments... Sadness means you were happy, and now that your happiness is gone, you're crying for it. Fact remains, there was something making you happy. There was a happy moment, and no doubt another happy moment will be made from that sad moment. -
I'll embrace any chance I get to do what I love, be with who I love and I will love. I will embrace any chance I get to love. I'll open myself up again because being closed up, it sort of just makes a moment run away. I'm not running away from moments any more, I'm not running away from life any more... - 17 years it took me to realize I deserve happiness, and I plan on reaping all the happiness I missed in those 17 years.
....I love you mom, I love you dad... I love you life. :) xx

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