Saturday, 29 November 2014


by Arlana S
Nov 4, 6:52am

I like you, 
I like him. 
He likes me 
And wants me, 
In the same way I want you. 
So I have to tell him, 
The same way you told me
That there wasn't room for us to be. 
But see; that'd be sacrificing myself whole, 
Cutting off a limb in hopes of a transplant, 
But when will I know? 
You're making me wait, 
But, waiting gets boring and it gets me late, 
When I could be getting laid, 
With someone who wants to lay me down gently and caress my spine, 
Rather than "FUCK ME" on a counter in what I'm calling "record time" 
For you, not me. 
Because unlike you; he thinks of me, 
Whether HE got ME off;
and he never leaves me until I come undone and we've both experienced different worlds,
So we can lay, wrapped up in sweet sweat and skin. 
He never leaves the plate anything but spotless, 
And licks every speck of it till it shines. 
But you; you leave an assortment of condiments messily spread, 
Uncaring of how you've left me. 
And that's the trouble. 
I seem to care because you're not carrying me in your arms and telling me how precious I am to you. 
But he is..
And somehow that pushes me closer to you. 
I need to let go, 
Because I've grown
And these games aren't ones I can play anymore 
Like hopscotch, I had to stop because I didn't want to sprain ankles anymore. I need you to get out of my mind, 
So I an go find what I'm looking for,
But in a better place. 
Because I can't hold your hand forever, 
Let you rest on my chest, as I stroke your hair and try to ease your distress. 
Different roles, one girl. 
Not too sure how I feel about it. 
But I do know,
The man that wants to love and make love to me, rather than FUCK 
Is where I should be! 

....but somehow, I can't convince myself of it completely. 

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