Monday, 4 March 2013

Vast Night Sky

The melody of crickets,
As they chirr in the background;
While she stares at her reflection in a mirror.
Reflecting off the glasses framing her face
Oval shaped,
A rounded girl.
Stick figure; thin and slender.

She stares at her black painted eyes
Wondering what that glittering glimpse of hope is;
What does she see beyond the mirror?
Glimmering in her eyes,
Like stars shining distant
Nearing the moon
A heat,
A warm kind of dream
A solar system she is naive to.

She stares at herself
Looking past what she sees
Beyond the little particles of matter that sum up her human being
What is she beyond her human,
A dense black hole.
The night sky in her eyes cannot tell
but they are dark enough to embody the shadow that is within
Because she is a shadow within,

Analysing the light that hits her skin
At angles that alter the way her slender shape, shapes
Realizing that she is only a sum of parts
A divine singular individual summing up.
Her night skies know,
They tell it.
A dark whole of matter
Unzipped like a cloak,
Not more than a sum of parts

Inferior to the galaxy
Specks of dust glowing in a magnificent kind of sunlight
They look not much better than what they are,
Nor bigger than what they are
Inferior to the galaxy.
Staring into the reflection of her reflection;
As Crickets chirr in the background.

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