Friday, 13 April 2012

NaPoWriMo: Day 13

     Fragrant Stench

The steam swayed off her hair the fragrant stench,
Of bath oils, and stones, and leaves with fragrant stench.

Wind gushing in through open gapped tunnel holes
Stinging her eyes like the bitters of a fragrant stench

Water bubbling in the basins of her poignant eyes
Cry she did like eyes watering of onion's fragrant stench

Large corpse sleeping in silent gloom next to her;
Seeping through pores its ended fragrant stench.

Cover the face of body with cotton cloth
Smother the reek of the dead's fragrant stench.

Before I depart with my black skin to further lands,
Away I carry the wretched cloth with the fragrant stench.

Arlana Alone, will not in the darkness stride
As I carry death of love and it's fragrant stench.

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