Thursday, 16 June 2011

Need to be loved.

Can you tell me, honestly
that you love me
only me.
Can you tell me,
that it's true
when you tell me
"I love you".
Is it something I make up
to put a smile on my face when I wake up.
Is it something I tell myself
to keep sane,
to keep my mental health.
Is it really in your actions,
Do you try to show it to me?
Or do I sit here dreaming,
thinking that you want me.
Do I create the lust I feel?
Am I really a burden to you?
Do I scare the thought of loving me into you,
or is it all genuinely true?
All I really want is somebody to love me.
Caress me,
hold my face in their hands,
tell me I'm as tender as the inside of a rose,
and as beautiful as all that the world shows.
I don't mean to sound needy,
I don't mean to sound broken,
I just want someone to show me,
that I can be loved.
That I am lovable,
See my beauty for what it really is,
and make me someone they'd always miss.

Written: Arlana Panduleni Shikongo 

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